Daily routine for rejuvenation

Quick cleanser:

Mix Gulabjal, lemon juice and glycerine in 2:2:2 ratio and store in a small glass bottle. You can keep this solution in the refrigerator for a month.

Just dab a cotton ball and wipe your face clean. This cleans your skin and removes skin tan as well. Removes black spots of acne and pimples.

If your skin is oily then reduce the quantity of glycerine and if it is dry then reduce the quantity of lemon juice.

Before bathing clean your face with a homemade face mix as below:

1 teaspoon besan/maida

½ teaspoon of rice powder

2 teaspoon Gulabjal

½ teaspoon turmeric and neem powder

Mix them and apply on your face. You can rub and wash it in 10 mins. Daily use will keep your skin fresh and younger than the face wash available in the market. If you have pimples and acne then this is the best product for daily use. At least use it once in a day-morning or evening. This mix can be used on full-body as well.

Water,meditation, and some resting period:

When we are too much stressed or loaded with work and no time for meditation—drink a lot of water, try to take a little nap or just rest on the bed with eyes closed. This will keep your skin and face fresh and peaceful.

Meditation is always best if you can manage sometimes daily for your mental health.

Add a little salt and little essential oil in your bucket of water for bathing:

Try this once a week to rejuvenate and refresh yourself.

 Beauty is perfect in its imperfections, so you just have to go with the imperfections.


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