he height of a person plays an important role in how they look. People are driven to be taller than they actually are. There are many medications and acupressure treatments that claim to increase height. These treatments can be quite costly and may have side effects. Combine exercise and healthy eating habits to naturally increase height. Exercise is a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles and release growth hormones that are responsible for height increase. A healthy diet helps to keep these hormones active and in good health.

Here are few exercises that are beneficial for gaining height.

Hanging Exercise

Height is affected by gravity. Hanging the body compresses the spine, joints and lengthens soft bone. A good way to raise your height is to hang on a vertical beam. Hanging reduces strain on the vertebrae by putting the weight of your lower torso on the spine. You can see an increase in height of 1 to 2 inches. However, this is not always possible. You must hang high enough that your feet don’t touch the ground in order to do the hanging exercise. Hang as long as possible and allow for a 30- 40 second gap between.

Cobra Stretch

Cobra stretch can be used to increase your height and flexibility by stretching your spine. It helps your spine develop and extend. It strengthens the hands, chest, and back, which are important in increasing height. This is good for your vertical height, as it stimulates the growth of your cartilage between your vertebrae. Place your palms on the ground, your head down. To elevate your chin, arch your spine upward. As far back as you can. Each repetition should be between 5-30 seconds in length.

Pelvic Lift

The simplest and most basic floor exercise to increase your height is the pelvic lift. This exercise will strengthen your bottom and allow you to relax. This exercise will improve the arch of your lower spine, resulting in an increase in height. Start by lying down on your back. Your shoulders and arms should be flat on the ground. Now bend your knees and bring your feet as close to your buttocks as you can. To lift your pelvis up, arch your back. This position should be held for 20-30 seconds. This position will allow you to stretch more and increase flexibility in your front hips.

Hopping with one leg

This is one of the easiest exercises you could do. This exercise can be done anywhere, at any time. Next, hop eight times on the left leg while keeping your hands pointed toward the sky. Next, jump on your right leg the same way. This activity helps to develop the brain, strengthen your legs, and generate growth hormones.

Morning Stretching

Stretching exercises stretch your muscles beyond their normal range. They are also more effective if you do them right away after you get up. Morning stretching allows fluid to flow freely between the vertebral discs. These discs can be compressed which causes the space between your vertebrae to shrink, which is detrimental to height growth. You will grow slightly taller if the discs expand.

Pilates Roll Over

This great workout will help you stretch your spine and add length to your upper body. This exercise also lengthens and stretches the vertebrae in your neck. Start by lying on your back with your arms crossed, your palms facing down. Keep your legs together and extend them straight up toward the ceiling. Then, bend them back to touch the ground. Although this may seem difficult initially, it becomes easier with practice. Your spine will become longer the more you stretch.

Final Thoughts

Your optimal posture is maintained by improving your spine flexibility and strength, as well as stretching your legs. This will help you to effortlessly increase your height. It’s not possible to achieve overnight miracles if you expect instant results. To see results, these exercises should be done for at least 3 months.


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